The maximum supply of KOKOA is 999,998,845, and they will be released over the next four years since the launch. Five hundred million tokens will be allocated to the liquidity mining reward pool to bootstrap the platform's early liquidity. There's an ecosystem pool that will be used to assist with Kokoa Finance's growth and adoption. The detailed tokenomics is as below:

  • Liquidity Mining: 500,000,000

  • Ecosystem Fund: 129,630,000

  • Early Backers: 169,369,645

  • Team: 199,999,200

  • Initial LP: 1,000,000

Token Release Schedule

The allocated tokens will be released as below. To incentivize the early participants even further, the liquidity mining reward is higher in the beginning and slowly decreases over time. The early backers and the team will have a 3-month lock-up, and the vesting schedules - which is designed to be 'slower' than the liquidity mining reward - will be applied. This token distribution model incentivizes early participants to contribute to the ecosystem in a long run.

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